Full Wraps

The full wraps provide

  • striking visual brand story

  • clarifies roast or blend

  • can coordinate with Point-of-Purchase program

What’s a wrap made of?

We only use industry approved materials. This is why we stand behind our products and make sure that our clients are fully satisfied. The wrap is printed on a durable, industry approved material and is then laminated with a standard clear, semi-gloss over laminate. This construction makes for a sturdy wrap that lasts.

Adhesive Style Wrap

The adhesive style full wrap carries a removable adhesive that is covered with a thick liner. The liner is pulled away exposing the adhesive so that the wrap can be applied to the airpot. Full wraps encircle the airpot completely, with a .25” overlap in the back.

Hook & Loop Style Wrap

The hook & loop style wrap (brand name Velcro) is simple to apply and simple to remove. A single strip of book and loop at the back of the poly wrap joins to hold the wrap around the equipment. Full wraps encircle the airpot completely, with a .25” overlap in the back.

Note: Full wraps require dimensional templates, available from major equipment manufacturers. We will need the maker, the style and the part number of your equipment in order to quote. What if I don’t have a template?

Mini Wraps

The MIni-Wrap is a great branding solution when

  • budget requires

  • equipment templates are not available

  • multiple airpot styles are being used

Adhesive Style Mini-Wrap

The adhesive style offers a sturdy removable adhesive that allows for easy application on-site, and removal when desired. Mini’s arrive with a back liner that is removed before application. The removal adhesive stays in place after being applied. The vinyl face of the mini carries either a gloss or matte finish.

Hook and Loop Style Mini-Wrap

The hook and loop style Mini-Wrap is the ideal solution for multiple types of equipment, or an established program that already has many types of airpots, for example. A strip of hook & loop tape (brand name Velcro) is applied to the equipment and to the mini-wrap. The graphic is then pressed onto the tape.

Note: Templates are not required for the Mini-Wrap

The Mini-Wrap is a great solution.

The Mini-Wrap is a great solution.