Gratitude Practice 2018


Gratitude Campaign

We designed and produced a campaign that included a Gratitude Journal with writing prompts, a decal and a practice instruction sheet. We sent this out to our clients as a way to offer our hearts.

Wisdom Graphics Campaign

In today's world of endless content, we look to our shared wisdom traditions for inspiration. We printed and mailed these window and glass stickers to clients.

Dia de Muertos 2017 Project

Supporting community with creative projects in our hometown of Birmingham, Alabama is a priority and a passion. We documented this year's Dia de Muertos production.


Full COlor Decals

We created an image that combines the calaveros with the traditional marigold, and added the pith of a Mexican proverb, "Buen Amor, Buena Muerte" that translates to: "A great love and a good death, there is no better luck".

These are printed on the Roland EcoSolvent on a material that is perfect for walls, windows, metal and other smooth surfaces, and will be part of the community celebration on November 02. 



These large graphics are mounted to large windows for all the work to see. They are printed on the same material as the decals and are simple to install and easy to remove. Combining the decals and the stickers in a great way to communicate thoroughly in a marketing campaign.


Paper Face Masks

We decided to just have a good time, and designed paper face masks in the same theme as the other print in this project. After printing, we'll apply sticks to the masks so that they can be held by young and old!